The pilots smoothly on runway 14. Welcome to Zurich. Fasten your seatbelt for a three minute long, fantastic roller coaster ride like to Switzerland's biggest city. Surprising hyperlapse images feature the view from a SWISS Airbus cockpit or a train ride. Part of the visual highlights are a quick jump inside the opera or a turbulent sea of ​​fog around the prime tower. To lift the top of the city, a customized drone has been used. For this project, a total of 90,000 images were shot. Visit to check out 12 interactive 360 ​​° aerial panoramic images of Zurich.

This co-production of Swiss photographers Alessandro Della Bella and Christian Mülhauser has been kindly supported in storytelling and post-production by Milan Rohrer, SalesPick and Florian Trojer of SkyProduction. The terrific sound has been composed by Michael Gertschen – he used more than 150 soundtracks. Thank you very much!

Zurich by Night
The pilot lands gently on piste 14. Welcome to Zurich. Buckle up: The three-minute visit to the Limmatstadt resembles a fantastic roller coaster ride. The firework of impressions surprises with dynamic hyperpulse recordings, arose from the cockpit of a SWISS-Airbus or from the driver's seat of an S-Bahn. Highlights include a leap into the opera house, the seething misty sea around the Prime Tower and those moments in which the perspective stands high above the city. A specially optimized drone was used for recording from the air. A total of 90,000 photos were taken for this film.

At, there are 12 interactive panoramas for this film.

The joint project of the two photographers Alessandro Della Bella and Christian Mülhauser was supported by Milan Rohrer, Sales Wick and Florian Trojer from SkyProduction in the script and postproduction. made a significant contribution to the music – there were over 150 soundtracks. Thank you very much!

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