One of the best flights – Review of Delta Air Lines

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Have been stranded by American Airlines when they took off into dangerous weather nad we had to make an emergency landing. Have been given the finger by United Airlines and their unhappy crews when they stranded us during a medical emergency while on business (nope, you cannot fly out earlier). But starting with NWA and then Delta, have literally traveled the world with Delta. Look, crap happens (starboard engine blows on start up, weather causes a delay ergo missed connection, push rod snaps and takes out nosecone and radar, hale damages aircraft, bird strike takes out connecting plane, partners fail to fly when scheduled, etc.). In EVERY CASE, Delta acknowledged the problem AND made it right all within reason. When someone is a problem on the aircraft, they deal with it professionally and defuse the situation, or kick the person off (yeah). They keep their word re upgrades and I sat in the front 93% of the time in 2017 (1/2 the time upgraded, 1/2 the time paid seat). Everyone has problem in this business, but its how they recognize those who commit to fly with them on a routine basis that keeps me coming back and taking my employees and family and friends with me. Way to many ‘incidents’ that Delta addressed quickly and satisfactorily to list them, but with 1.9 M miles in the air with Delta, no reason to switch to a lessor standard. Keep climbing Delta and thanks for the memories. They were also one of the first to provide FREE WiFi for in flight entertainment with your own personal PC. #Deltamedallionlife