Airbus A320 – Leaving La Palma (ENG al)

DE597 exits La Palma (GCLA) with a relatively short RWY 01 (2200m) that needs valves 3 and full (TOGA) engine power. Heavy plane; MTOW, very short run! Pilot flights (PF) are F.O. Patricia Gross, Captain and Chief Pilot Thomas Lindner follows (PM). A video clip taken from the whole movie filmed and produced by PiloysEye.tv.

Boeing 777X Revealed

Introducing the Boeing 777X – Thanks to a Boeing employee I have managed 777-9! Everything to share with you all 🙂 Listen to Podcasts in Apple Podcasts • Follow Dj's Aviation • Twitter: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Soundcloud: • Patreon: Look at my official goods with goods! • Business Opportunities / Queries • Email: …

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Boeing 777x fired four different weapons by # 2 | Limit

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