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Airbus A380: a letter of love to the two-story aircraft destined for oblivion

No current aircraft can compete with the Airbus A380 for passionate passenger. We love the double decker. For another airliner that has generated something similar to the same craze, you have to go back to the Concorde. Which, in my… Continue Reading →

Why did the Airbus A380 fail?

Copyright of the image Getty Images Legend The A380 is the largest passenger plane in the world When Singapore Airlines took the A380 superjumbo for its first commercial flight in 2007, there was much applause for the future of air… Continue Reading →

Why Airbus unplugged its two-stage A380 jet

Ben Mutzabaugh UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Published at 3:39 pm EST February 14, 2019 It's official: Airbus will unplug its A380 two-story aircraft. The decision was announced Thursday and comes after much speculation on the future of… Continue Reading →

Too big to be sold: Airbus bids farewell to the super A380

By Angela Charlton / Associated Press TOULOUSE, France – For passengers, the A380 feels immediately different – spacious, sleek and strangely elegant for such a gigantic aircraft. However, for Airbus, this burden has become so heavy that the European manufacturer… Continue Reading →

Airbus ends A380 program

Although he stresses that he will continue to fully support the A380 customers, which operate around 230 of the four-engined yachts, Airbus confirmed on Thursday that speculation would continue, putting an end to the program that it only launched in… Continue Reading →

Airbus Announces Completion of A380 Superjumbo Production

Copyright of the image EPA The European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has put an end to its efforts for its super-A380 in difficulty, which entered service just 12 years ago. Airbus has announced that the latest deliveries of the world's largest… Continue Reading →

Amedeo cancels the dormant A380 order

Leather company Amedeo has formally canceled the order for 20 Airbus A380s, without one being picked up. Amedeo emerged as a successor to Doric Lease, who signed an agreement to take the 20 aircraft in February 2014 – and to… Continue Reading →

A380: Airbus will stop the production of superjumbo

Airbus has announced the end of production of its A380 superjumbo transport aircraft after failing to secure its orders – a decision that jeopardizes jobs in the UK. The European aerospace group said it had made the "difficult" decision to… Continue Reading →

Airbus will stop the production of its large A380 aircraft as its orders dry up

TOULOUSE, France – Airbus will cease production of its mammoth A380 jet of passengers, a marvel of engineering that could not keep up with the changes in the way people fly, said Thursday the European aircraft manufacturer. Quote reduced orders… Continue Reading →

Latest news: Airbus records higher earnings despite A380 losses

TOULOUSE, France (AP) – The latest news regarding the announcement by Airbus that it will stop making the A380 superjumbo (every hour locally): 9:45 The president of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus is optimistic about the possibility for Great Britain… Continue Reading →

Airbus will stop making a A380 superjumbo in trouble in 2021

You must to log in or register continue to read the content. Associated press TOULOUSE, France – The European aviation giant, Airbus, announced Thursday that it will stop manufacturing its super-A380 in 2021, for lack of customers. Just ten years… Continue Reading →

Airbus disconnects the expensive A380 superjumbo

The European aerospace giant, Airbus, announced on Thursday that it would terminate the production of its superjumbo A380, the two – stage jet that has garnered admiration from passengers but has not been seen. has failed to convince enough airlines… Continue Reading →

Airbus to A380 program bite after Emirates order rejig

Airbus closes its A380 program, stops deliveries in 2021 and ends an ambitious and expensive bid to challenge Boeing's 50-year-old dominance on the large passenger plane market. The decision follows a revised agreement with primary client Emirates, which consists of… Continue Reading →

Qantas order cancellation saves final blow to A380

Qantas said Thursday that it has canceled a firm order at Airbus for eight A380s, with which he defied the latest battle against the survival chances of the superjumbo. The confirmation comes only a week after Airbus had said that… Continue Reading →

The future of the Airbus A380 on the line while Emirates is considering an A350 switch

A year after Airbus SE won what appeared to be a vital order for its A380 two-story aircraft, the future of the flagship program is at stake again. The Gulf of Emirates company could convert some or all of its… Continue Reading →

Is this the end of the Airbus A380?

On the last day of 2018, Airbus carried out a announcement on the state of the market. "Airbus reaches a new record of delivery of commercial aircraft in 2018". The European planner said: "Total net orders amount to 747". But… Continue Reading →

Airbus in A380 Speaks with Emirates

Airbus confirmed Thursday that discussions of an unspecified nature with Emirates Airline about the future A380 deliveries of the courier service. The Dubai-based courier now flies 110 aircraft – the majority powered by Engine Alliance GP7000 turbofans – and has… Continue Reading →

Three A380 & # 39; s involved in drone airprox incidents in the UK

Three Airbus A380 flights last quarter were involved in drone confrontations in London's terminal airspace, according to UK researchers. The last waste of UK Airprox board incidents unmanned aircraft shows that a drone at 20 m from a Heathrow-bound A380… Continue Reading →

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