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Mobile destination aircraft loses direction and lands safely after emergency response

Auburn University is going from the front with a $ 94.5 million culinary science center, which will include an educational boutique hotel and restaurant. The Tony and Libba Rane Center for Culinary Sciences is expected to open in 2021. The… Continue Reading →

US military aircraft from Florida land near the border with Venezuela

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – The US Air Force began Saturday to send tons of aid to a Colombian city on the Venezuelan border as part of an effort to undermine Socialist President Nicolas Maduro and support his rival in the United… Continue Reading →

Jet set to sell aircraft continues to work on loyalty commitment

Jet Airways will continue to sell aircraft as part of the proposed interim resolution plan proposed by the banks, while continuing to work on the sale of part of its interest in the Jet Privilege loyalty program in the longer… Continue Reading →

Southwest puts 22 aircraft out of service on O-ring problem

NBC News learned Friday that nearly two dozen 737 Southwest Airlines put out for maintenance reasons were back in service. NBC News confirmed by government sources that the Dallas-based airline had shut down 22 of its Boeing 737s, convinced that… Continue Reading →

Military aircraft flying in Miami filled with humanitarian aid for Venezuelans

A shipment of humanitarian aid sent by the United States landed Saturday in Cucuta, Colombia, from Miami, as part of efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the State Department… Continue Reading →

The Chancellor will not make a commercial trip to China next week as Gavin Williamson pledges to send an aircraft carrier

The Chancellor will not visit China after Beijing's furious reaction to the secretary of defense Gavin WilliamsonPlan to send a British aircraft carrier to the hinterland of the country. Philip Hammond is expected to undertake the trade mission next week… Continue Reading →

Two men injured after crash of an "experimental" aircraft Friday north of Austin

By Chris Quinn, / San Antonio Express-News published 8:29 CET, Saturday February 16, 2019 Officials said two men were injured after the crash of an experimental aircraft at Horseshoe Bay on Friday, February 15, 2019. Officials said two men… Continue Reading →

Airbus A380: a letter of love to the two-story aircraft destined for oblivion

No current aircraft can compete with the Airbus A380 for passionate passenger. We love the double decker. For another airliner that has generated something similar to the same craze, you have to go back to the Concorde. Which, in my… Continue Reading →

Etihad "restructures" aircraft orders in the midst of financial difficulties

Jon Gambrell, Associated Press Published at 3:38 pm EST February 14, 2019 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – Etihad Airways, based in Abu Dhabi, announced Thursday that it is restructuring planned purchases of aircraft from both Airbus and Boeing, while… Continue Reading →

Shoreham Airshow Test: Pilot Admits Very Limited Experience of Aircraft That Crashed

The pilot whose plane crashed at the Shoreham Airshow in 2015, killing 11 people, had a "very limited" experience of using this aircraft, he said. to a court. Andrew Hill piloted a 1950s Hawker Hunter fighter plane on August 22… Continue Reading →

Airbus will stop the production of its large A380 aircraft as its orders dry up

TOULOUSE, France – Airbus will cease production of its mammoth A380 jet of passengers, a marvel of engineering that could not keep up with the changes in the way people fly, said Thursday the European aircraft manufacturer. Quote reduced orders… Continue Reading →

Legendary World War II aircraft carrier discovered 77 years after casting

The Petrel research vessel is perched at a place in the South Pacific Ocean that was anything but peaceful 77 years ago. It was then the scene of a major battle between the Japanese and Imperial Japanese navies during the… Continue Reading →

Wreck of USS Hornet aircraft carrier of World War II discovered

The Petrel research vessel is perched at a place in the South Pacific Ocean that was anything but peaceful 77 years ago. It was then the scene of a major battle between the Japanese and Imperial Japanese navies during the… Continue Reading →

Aircraft carrier sunk in the Second World War in the Pacific

Click on right here if you can not see this gallery on a mobile device. ALAMEDA – More than three quarters of a century after enemy torpedoes sent it under the waves, the USS Hornet was found on the ground… Continue Reading →

The wreck of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet of World War II discovered in the South Pacific

The wreck of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet of World War II discovered in the South Pacific The USS Hornet, a World War II aircraft carrier known for taking part in the Japanese raid organized by Doolittle in April 1942,… Continue Reading →

Boeing aircraft deliveries slowed in January, but large orders were recorded

The Renton 737 assembly line delivered only 34 jets, well below the production rate of 52 per month. To the good news, Boeing placed an important order for the beginning of the year and 18 Dreamliners were entrusted to an… Continue Reading →

The USS Hornet aircraft carrier, long gone, found in the South Pacific

The wreckage of the USS Hornet aircraft carrier dating from the Second World War was discovered in late January 2019 by the expedition team of the research vessel and ship of Paul Allen (Research Vessel), the late founder from Microsoft…. Continue Reading →

Theresa May distanced herself from Gavin Williamson's comments on an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea

Downing Street has distanced itself from the remarks of the Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson in which he stated his intention to send the new British aircraft carrier into controversial waters of the Pacific. Mr. Williamson announced that HMS Queen… Continue Reading →

UK Sends Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier in Contested Pacific Waters to Show "Hard Power"

The aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, with two squadrons of F-35 stealth fighters on board, will be sent into controversial waters of the Pacific with a demonstration of "hard power", should announce the Secretary of Defense in an important speech on… Continue Reading →

Emiliano Sala: A body found in the wreckage of an aircraft identified as being the missing Cardiff attacker

A body pulled from the wreckage of a plane carrying Emiliano Sala has been identified as that of the missing Cardiff striker, the police said. Sala, 28, was the only passenger on the plane piloted by British pilot David Ibbotson… Continue Reading →

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