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Fortnite Patch 7.40 Airplanes Nerfs, Rocket Launcher: Can It Follow Apex Legends?

Fortnite releases patch 7.40 this week, adding a ton of modifications to planes, rocket launchers and the editing tool. EricSW, Design Manager, appeared in the game's subfolder and shared a list of some of the most important changes introduced in… Continue Reading →

The Noise Act does not apply to airplanes

I live in a residential area near the Providence Hospital. Several times a week, early morning planes from Medford Airport fly over this area. A flight is before 6 o'clock in the morning and two flights before 7 o'clock in… Continue Reading →

Airplanes, trains and even snow plows blocked by arctic conditions

Planes, trains, buses and even snow plows were staggered by temperatures in Minnesota, plunging to nearly 40 degrees below zero. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport announced Wednesday flight delays due to the impact of extreme cold. According to spokesman Patrick Hogan,… Continue Reading →

How airplanes manage in cold weather

(CNN) – With extremely cold temperatures In the United States, travelers may be wondering about the safety of their planes. The answer is short: in addition to the regular de-icing of aircraft prior to take-off, airlines are rigorously testing their… Continue Reading →

Ace Combat 7 – List of Trees and Airplanes – F-104C Anvil, YF-23 and more

Ace Combat 7 has just been released, and this means that the community is working together to establish the Aircraft Tree of the Game. In this guide, we describe what we know so far about the list of aircraft, available… Continue Reading →

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