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Amelia Earhart: new images could shed light on the fate of an aviation pioneer who disappeared 80 years ago

This is one of the great mysteries of aviation: what happened to Amelia Earhart? Tangible evidence of what became of the pioneering American pilot – who disappeared during the Peaceful In 1937, when she was trying to become the first… Continue Reading →

What plan will make Aviation Parkway a better means of transportation? The CNDOT is still trying to decide.

Relief for commuters crossing the center of Morrisville will be at least four years old. The city's Planning and Zoning Board received an update Thursday on the planned expansion of the Aviation Parkway between Highways 40 and 54, near the… Continue Reading →

ECSU and colleges sign aviation transfer pacts

Elizabeth City State University on Friday signed agreements with three community colleges to help students studying aviation at colleges to more easily integrate the ECSU's aviation science program. The joint articulation agreements concluded with Lenoir Community College, Sandhills Community College… Continue Reading →

House Panel for Spotlight Shutdown & # 39; s Harm on Aviation

Faced with the possibility of a new closure by the government at the end of the week, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee scheduled a hearing this Wednesday to see how the recent 35-day closure not only damaged the FAA… Continue Reading →

A pilot killed on Mt. Diablo Plane Crash was still an aviation student

MONT DIABLO (KPIX 5) – New details appeared Sunday night about the man who was killed plane crashed on Mount Diablo sometimes friday night. Hikers found the wreck of Chris Bar's 49-year-old aircraft in a remote area of ​​Mt. Diablo… Continue Reading →

Fifty years ago today, the first 747 took off and changed the aviation

In 50 years, the 747 has transported 5.9 billion people, or 80% of the world's population. But its creation represented a huge gamble for the aerospace giant. It is no exaggeration to say that Boeing's future was at stake this… Continue Reading →

Originally from Asheville, the first all-female traveler pays tribute to the pioneer of naval aviation

Navy Airmen Participating in an Overflight to Honor the Life and Legacy of Retired Navy Captain Rosemary Mariner pose for a picture in a hangar at Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia Beach, Jan. 31 2019. The US Navy will conduct… Continue Reading →

Aviation Orgs unites in call for help with work scarcity

Forty aviation organizations representing an industry this week jointly urged senior US officials to seek full funding for new subsidy programs aimed at recruiting the next generation of space workers. The organizations did this in a letter dated 5 February… Continue Reading →

February's #avgeek gallery: 34 great photos of aviation

Ben Mutzabaugh UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 10:02 am EST February 4, 2019 Hello readers of Today in the Sky! It is time for the February 2019 edition of our "#avgeek photo gallery". For the uninitiated,… Continue Reading →

People in aviation

John Yegerlehner has become president Spectra Jet, in addition to serving as chief inspector. Yegerlehner, who was co-founder of the repair station in 1998, takes over Mike Catherwoodwho retired. James (Jim) Major, now promoted to vice president. He will also… Continue Reading →

FBO profile: Summit Aviation (VBT)

Although many ELBs are similar in the US, it is a surprise to find one that breaks the mold. One of them is Summit Aviation, the only service provider at Bentonville Airport in the state of Arkansas / Louise M…. Continue Reading →

FBO profile: Beach Aviation Services

It is not uncommon for a local government to operate an FBO, but for a county to operate three, it can be uncommon. This is the case for Horry County in South Carolina and its Beach Aviation Services, which are… Continue Reading →

The impact on aviation has contributed to the progression of stop negotiations

Getty Images A departures chart shows flights canceled at New York's LaGuardia Airport after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it was delaying flights at several airports due to personnel issues related to the closure. of the Government on… Continue Reading →

The aviation industry seeks to regain form after stopping

Aviation workers have said that the recovery of the country's airways will not happen overnight. The agreement reached by President Trump on Friday announced the reopening of the federal government for three weeks and continued negotiations on the proposed wall… Continue Reading →

ANALYSIS: What can be expected in the aviation sector in the coming decade?

The decade since then Flight International celebrated its centenary in 2009 seems to have flown by – if you forgive the pun – and during this period there have been some major developments in the aerospace industry, as described elsewhere…. Continue Reading →

Airport workers warn that aviation security system will be jeopardized "if the federal government's shutdown continues

CHICAGO (CBS) – As the longest government shutdown in US history entered its 34th day on Thursday, three labor unions warned that the country's aviation security system may soon fail under pressure. Unions representing air traffic controllers, airline pilots and… Continue Reading →

Aviation professionals warn of serious risks when shutting down

Unions representing the country's air traffic controllers, pilots and flight attendants issued a dreadful warning on Wednesday, calling for the closure of the government as an "unprecedented" and "unreasonable" security threat that is increasing day by day and must stop…. Continue Reading →

Could the aviation strike end the government?

With 800,000 federal workers in lines with food banks, To be absent due to illness and looking for other jobs during the longest government shutdown in history, some union leaders call for a bold step to end the stalemate: a… Continue Reading →

Shutdown Shutters Many US aviation safety activities

With the partial closure of the US government now in the fifth week, important safety activities such as the release of most airworthiness directives (ADs) remain on hold. In fact, the FAA issued only one new AD this year, with… Continue Reading →

Aviation unions warn that the government's shutdown will soon lead to massive cancellations of flights: the system will collapse and collapse

On the 30th day of the partial government shutdown, representatives of two major aviation unions warned that massive cancellations of flights could soon occur if the shutdown continues to drag on. During a CNN Segment On Monday, Sara Nelson, International… Continue Reading →

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