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Laos receives Yak-130 Combat Jet trainers

Russia has provided Laos with four Yakovlev Yak-130 advanced jet trainers built at the Irkut Corporation plant in Irkutsk under a controversial deal, the full details of which have yet to appear. In December 2018, the aircraft boarded the Russian… Continue Reading →

Ace Combat Guide 7: How Many Campaign Missions, How to Change Skins, Best Planes

Ace Combat 7 is here, so we've created a guide that answers the most common player questions after hours. Want to know how many missions there are in the campaign or how to change skin? We have you covered. How… Continue Reading →

Ace Combat 7 – List of Trees and Airplanes – F-104C Anvil, YF-23 and more

Ace Combat 7 has just been released, and this means that the community is working together to establish the Aircraft Tree of the Game. In this guide, we describe what we know so far about the list of aircraft, available… Continue Reading →

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