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The 10 most expensive drones that a civilian can buy

While drones are exploding (not literally) in popularity, it is not surprising that the high end of the market has a ton of activity. We have ridable drones for billionaires, spies for the army, extra-whimsical drones for filmmakers and other… Continue Reading →

Firefighters saving drivers stranded with drones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Local drivers stranded in great difficulty are saved by drones. Heavy rains this week have caused the flooding of local rivers and streams and some drivers, such as the man driving a partially submerged vehicle on Kiefer… Continue Reading →

Legislators consider growing medical jars, drones near prisons

The Georgian legislature is starting to pick up pace as the 2019 session approaches halfway. Friday marked legislative day 16 of 40. Last week, the governor signed his first bill, a measure specifying when a vehicle can overtake a school… Continue Reading →

The Supreme Court is trying to protect unsuspecting sunbathers' from voyeurs with drones as it grapples with invasive technology

Though an important Supreme Court ruling on privacy this week dealt with a seven-year-old case, it saw the justices looking forward, in a future where ever-evolving technology is increasingly used to spy on people. Thursday's unanimously ruling in the box… Continue Reading →

British MoD is committed to new technology, including swarming drones

The British Defense Secretary, Gavin Williamson, has provided funding for the development of swarming drones that will act as an air defense capability to complement the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter's takeover. These network-based and replaceable drones can be used en… Continue Reading →

Forget about police helicopters, California cops use drones to spot suspects

cape Here in 2019, drones are probably the most associated with cool photography, drone raceand the sparkling promise to steal deliveries from Amazon. But drones could also play a role in law enforcement – and a new report suggests that… Continue Reading →

Measure to regulate the use of drones on private property

0 Measure to regulate the use of drones on private property OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Oklahoma lawmakers are discussing a bill to ban theft of unmanned aircraft – or drones – on private property in rural areas. State Senator Casey… Continue Reading →

UK plans to create "swarm squadrons" of drones

Copyright of the image MOD Legend The drone squadron would have a projected cost of £ 7 million "Swarm squads" of drones will be deployed by the British armed forces to crush enemy anti-aircraft defenses, the defense secretary said. Gavin… Continue Reading →

Malmstrom: Keep your drones away from our nuclear weapons

Kristen Inbody Great Falls Tribune Posted at 12:51 am EST February 11, 2019 MALMSTROM AIR FORCE BASE – The Federal Aviation Administration has implemented new safety instructions regarding the use of UAVs over national security facilities. Namely, unmanned aircraft are… Continue Reading →

A Missouri bill will ban the use of drones near state jails

Legislators in Missouri should consider legislating to limit the use of drones near state prisons, after recent observations have raised concern among prison officials that weapons or drugs were dropped in the compound. Republican Rep. Mike Henderson has introduced a… Continue Reading →

The MDC will allow limited use of drones in natural areas

Wes Johnson Springfield News-Leader Posted at 6:56 pm EST on February 9, 2019 This cool drone that you have for Christmas with a belly-hung camera will now be legal to fly over land from the Department of Conservation – if… Continue Reading →

A Missouri bill will ban the use of drones near state jails

Legislators will review the bill in the coming weeks. (File) ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (AP) – Missouri lawmakers should consider passing a law to restrict the use of drones near state prisons, after recent sightings have sparked the news. Prison officials'… Continue Reading →

The US military equipped with tiny spy drones

FLIR The US military aims to equip almost all of its ground combat units with tiny drones capable of spying on other forces in the sky. The contract awarded is worth $ 39.6 million and has enriched the coffers of… Continue Reading →

Clouds of drones will soon monitor our aging urban infrastructure

With respect to the future commercial applications of drones, it seems that inspecting the world's aging infrastructure may be a task where UAVs can seize the market. The last demonstration of this? A project led by researchers at the University… Continue Reading →

Bangkok steals drones and warns of difficulties in bad air battle

BANGKOK (AP) – A fleet of drones, trucks and small planes sprayed water to try to reduce air pollution around Bangkok on Thursday, while the city's governor urged critics to think twice to better ideas for improving air quality in… Continue Reading →

Drones and dogs: how Atlanta protects the Super Bowl

A small security army is in place to protect the one million visitors who will travel to Atlanta this week to Sunday Super Bowl. A rigorous security perimeter of about a quarter of a mile will surround the Stadium where… Continue Reading →

How is my flight? AR license plates for drones allow passers-by to identify pesky drivers

In the battle between commercial truck drivers and civilian suicide bombers on US highways, civilians have a convenient weapon. In many parks, there is a 1-800 number on the trailing edge of commercial trucks, as well as a unique piece… Continue Reading →

Drones help Galapagos fight against infestation by rats

Copyright of the image Conservation of the islands Legend North Seymour blue-footed boobies dig a shallow trench to raise their chicks The drones help environmental advocates rid a Galapagos island of an infestation of rats threatening native birds. The drones… Continue Reading →

Sinclair associates with a European supplier of drones

Sinclair College's National Training and Certification Center (UAS) has established a relationship with the Swiss company senseFly, a provider of fixed-wing UAV solutions, to become their largest North American partner. Sinclair will train senseFly's customers, the college said. MORE: Local… Continue Reading →

Drones Distribute Rat Poison to Help Rid Islands of Galapagos Region from Rodents

If you are trying to keep rats off an island without damaging native plants or animals, what is the best way to go about it? If you have the brains of a recent initiative on two islands of the Galapagos… Continue Reading →

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