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The impact on aviation has contributed to the progression of stop negotiations

Getty Images A departures chart shows flights canceled at New York's LaGuardia Airport after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that it was delaying flights at several airports due to personnel issues related to the closure. of the Government on… Continue Reading →

Flight delays in 3 major airports due to stop causing an impact here

Sean Lahman and Steve Orr Rochester Democrat and Chronicle Posted at 2:47 pm EST on January 25, 2019 UPDATE: Trump supports agreement to end government shutdown over legislators' pressures and flight delays Flights at several major airports were delayed on… Continue Reading →

Travelers are feeling the impact of the closure, with delays at East Coast airports, including those in Portland.

Federal authorities temporarily restricted flights to New York's LaGuardia Airport on Friday as another example of the difficulties that the partial government shutdown had before the government closed. Congress and President Trump agreed in the afternoon of an agreement to… Continue Reading →

"The system is seriously compromised": TSA employee warns about impact of closure on security

An employee of the Florida Transportation Security Administration said that the government's closure had made the already arduous task of securing airports even more difficult and warned passengers of danger, "the system being seriously compromised". Herbert Garces works at Miami… Continue Reading →

Southwest Airlines: Government Closure Had $ 15 Million Negative Impact on January Bookings

Lennie Omalza Special mail journal Posted at 4:32 pm EST January 22, 2019 When do you hear the word "house", what do you think? Maybe a ranch or a shotgun house. Maybe a Victorian condo or mansion. Or, the word… Continue Reading →

The airport chief, Georgia lawmakers sound alarms about the impact of the shutdown

As a holiday weekend awaits and the Super Bowl will take place in less than three weeks, officials are sounding the alarm about the potential impact of the government's closure on the weekend. the busiest airport in the world and… Continue Reading →

Delta says federal closure will impact $ 25 million on air carrier this month

Delta Air Lines said Tuesday morning that the partial Government judgment harms its financial results. Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, said the closure would cost the company $ 25 million in revenue this month, due to the reduced number of… Continue Reading →

The impact is felt at US airports, with TSA agents taking sick days off

The latest news from Hartford County WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WTNH) – You can give a lot of credit to men and women in blue here at Bradley International Airport. As always, security was optimal and the lines did not exceed… Continue Reading →

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