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Omar calls for domestic security deleveraging – 1 hour after insisting that TSA workers get paid back

Representative Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, continues her series of controversial tweets, this time at the Department of Homeland Security. In a tweet on Friday night, the new congressman calls President Trump "Individual 1" and insists that he does not "support the… Continue Reading →

Air traffic controllers get pizza, but are not paid

Anna Spoerre Monks Sign up Posted on 16:02 EST on 15 Jan 2019 Although members of the Des Moines International Airport Air Traffic Control team did not offer pizzas to their Canadian counterparts, unlike some of their peers across the… Continue Reading →

EDR travelers say that airport workers affected by the government shutdown should be paid

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) – The effects of current federal government shutdown are not obvious when you visit Raleigh Durham International the next day essential workers were not paid. Maya Lewis, an international traveler whose safety depends on the work of… Continue Reading →

Phoenix TSA officers have not been paid for weeks

Jessica Boehm Arizona Republic Posted at 6:31 pm EST January 11, 2019 Transportation Security Officers – those who control passengers and baggage at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport – were supposed to receive a paycheck on Friday. But they… Continue Reading →

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