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A man arrested for attempting to breach security at Orlando International Airport, authorities say

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A fake report on a gun causes panic during a security breach at Orlando International Airport, police say

0 A fake report on a gun causes panic during a security breach at Orlando International Airport, police say ORLANDO, Fla. – 7:20 PM Update: A security alert caused delays among passengers at Orlando International Airport on Saturday afternoon after… Continue Reading →

BNA stands out as TSA warns of growing problem of firearms discovered at airport security

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) – The Transportation Security Administration has warned that poorly packaged guns discovered at airports are a growing problem nationwide. From 2017 to 2018, this number has increased by 7%, reaching 4,239 detected by agents. In the last… Continue Reading →

Senators Call for FAA Investigation After CBS Television Releases Report on Mechanics Ignoring Security Issues

Air mechanics under pressure Senators Ed Markey, D-Massachusetts and Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, urge FAA to investigate after a report from CBS News found that there was pressure on mechanics to ignore potential safety issues and "shorten the critical work they… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security IG says half of the money spent on air agents is wasted

The finding also calls into question the effectiveness of the Security Security Administration's clandestine program of placing plainclothes agents on commercial flights to detect and respond to in-flight threats. The Inspector General said that he "had identified $ 394 million… Continue Reading →

OIA puts in place new security measures after the death of a TSA worker

0 OIA puts in place new security measures after the death of a TSA worker ORLANDO, Fla. Officials at Orlando International Airport said that a new security measure had been put in place after a suicide by a TSA employee… Continue Reading →

Airlines may be required to install additional security doors in the cockpit if a new law is passed in the United States.

Passenger aircraft could benefit from an additional level of flight deck security if the proposed laws in the United States were adopted. US lawmakers insist that aviation safety be strengthened, including requiring airlines to install secondary security doors between cabins… Continue Reading →

How to ignore the security lines of horrible airports

Few things are more annoying than landing on a long-haul international flight to find immigration queues or almost miss your boarding window due to problems with your flight. security. Fortunately for frequent travelers, there are various screening programs that can… Continue Reading →

Omar calls for domestic security deleveraging – 1 hour after insisting that TSA workers get paid back

Representative Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, continues her series of controversial tweets, this time at the Department of Homeland Security. In a tweet on Friday night, the new congressman calls President Trump "Individual 1" and insists that he does not "support the… Continue Reading →

Record Number of Firearms Discovered at US Airport Security Checkpoints in 2018

It's no secret that many Americans love their guns – but it's still illegal to bring firearms to airport security checkpoints, whether loaded or not. Despite this, the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has discovered a record number of firearms… Continue Reading →

How long does the security of the airport wait? These apps will tell you

Security lines at airports can behave like curly hair: a small change of atmosphere and everything can go wrong. The weather, the holidays and, recently, the partial shutdown of the government have turned a routine procedure into a panicked production…. Continue Reading →

The TSB of Canada calls for improvements in security at Toronto Pearson

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) made several recommendations after an investigation pointed to agreements in 27 runway incursions that took place at Toronto Pearson International Airport between June 2012 and November 2017. "Although the vast majority of the… Continue Reading →

Airport workers warn that aviation security system will be jeopardized "if the federal government's shutdown continues

CHICAGO (CBS) – As the longest government shutdown in US history entered its 34th day on Thursday, three labor unions warned that the country's aviation security system may soon fail under pressure. Unions representing air traffic controllers, airline pilots and… Continue Reading →

"The system is seriously compromised": TSA employee warns about impact of closure on security

An employee of the Florida Transportation Security Administration said that the government's closure had made the already arduous task of securing airports even more difficult and warned passengers of danger, "the system being seriously compromised". Herbert Garces works at Miami… Continue Reading →

The British Airways team will visit the airport of Islamabad next week to evaluate the security measures

A team of senior officials from the British national carrier will be traveling to Pakistan next week to check if all the precautionary measures are in place before the airline. resumes its flights to Islamabad in June after a break… Continue Reading →

Security Lines in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport are among the longest in the country

As the federal government's closure continues, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The average wait time for security checks at the MSP airport Saturday was 41 minutes – the longest recorded in the country that day, according to the Transportation Security… Continue Reading →

Albany's Air Traffic Controllers Highlight Security Risks Related to Shutdown

COLONY – Air traffic controllers at Albany International Airport on Friday distributed flyers of information to travelers to explain the consequences of the federal government's closure on safety and security. the efficiency of air transport. Controllers work unpaid during the… Continue Reading →

The security checkpoint of the TSA at Houston Airport will remain closed until further notice

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) – Travelers leaving George Bush Intercontinental Airport will continue to pass the Terminal B Security Checkpoint. The airport announced Wednesday that the TSA checkpoint at the terminal would remain closed until further notice. The ticket counter and… Continue Reading →

In Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, the closure of the federal government has not yet caused a delay in security

Waiting for her daughter in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Tuesday afternoon, Dawn Bierman parked his luggage, looked around him and asked: "Where are all the people? Following media reports that a partial government shutdown since 22 December had paralyzed air… Continue Reading →

TSA: The number of security controllers for no-shows in airports soars 13 hours ago

by JEFF MARTIN and DAVID KOENIG, Associated Press The security lines at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport extend over an hour after the partial closure of the federal government, forcing some travelers not to take the plane, Monday morning, January 14,… Continue Reading →

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