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The Air Force seeks to end experienced pilots in hemorrhage despite the shortage of personnel

OTTAWA – A shortage of experienced pilots is forcing the Royal Canadian Air Force to be discerning the need to maintain a sufficient number of experienced airmen to train new recruits and conduct missions in the air. Commander of the… Continue Reading →

The aviation industry seeks to regain form after stopping

Aviation workers have said that the recovery of the country's airways will not happen overnight. The agreement reached by President Trump on Friday announced the reopening of the federal government for three weeks and continued negotiations on the proposed wall… Continue Reading →

Right to Work lawsuit seeks to end forced union dues for airline employees

Getty Images BY: Tyler Arnold – Watchdog.orgJanuary 14, 2019 4:55 A Michigan-based group sues a machinist and an aerospace union on behalf of employees who say they should not have to pay dues to a union they do not want… Continue Reading →

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