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UK Sends Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier in Contested Pacific Waters to Show "Hard Power"

The aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, with two squadrons of F-35 stealth fighters on board, will be sent into controversial waters of the Pacific with a demonstration of "hard power", should announce the Secretary of Defense in an important speech on… Continue Reading →

Boeing sends Team to CFM to Speed ​​737 Recovery

Boeing sent more of its staff to motorcycle supplier CFM to give the Chicago-based aircraft maker a better understanding of what are called long-lead items that continue to delay the delivery of Leap-1B engines for the 737 Max program, according… Continue Reading →

Government Closure at the End of Government Sends Paychecks to TSA Employees at the Columbia Regional Airport

President Trump said he was ensuring that all federal employees are getting their pay back late, including TSA screening officers at the Columbia Regional Airport. (Mark Slavit / KRCG 13) REGIONAL AIRPORT OF COLUMBIA – More than 2,500 federal government… Continue Reading →

TSA sends reinforcements to Newark airport, officers missing work

Faced with a busy weekend of travel and a increase in the number of offers calling for workThe Transportation Security Administration confirmed Friday that it has sent staff from across the country to help strengthen its workforce at Newark Airport…. Continue Reading →

Latest News: Italy sends plane to Bolivia to flee

Latest news on Italian fugitive activist Cesare Battisti, detained in Bolivia (all times): 11:20 A police colonel in Bolivia said that an Italian leftist activist convicted of murder in his home country nearly three decades ago had been handed over… Continue Reading →

Italy sends plane to Bolivia to seize fugitive Battisti

ROME – An Italian left-wing activist sentenced for murder in his home country nearly three decades ago was arrested in Bolivia, authorities said Sunday, thereby stalling one of the country's most in Italy to call a fugitive Justice. A few… Continue Reading →

Italy sends plane to communist militant Cesare Battisti, captured in Bolivia after decades of flight

ROME – Italy sent a plane to Bolivia on Sunday to find fugitive left-wing activist Cesare Battisti after his capture nearly three decades after being convicted of murder in his home country. This development paves the way for the decisive… Continue Reading →

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