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The Air Force seeks to end experienced pilots in hemorrhage despite the shortage of personnel

OTTAWA – A shortage of experienced pilots is forcing the Royal Canadian Air Force to be discerning the need to maintain a sufficient number of experienced airmen to train new recruits and conduct missions in the air. Commander of the… Continue Reading →

Staff shortage stops flights at New York airport

The US Federal Aviation Authority has briefly established a stopover for flights departing from New York's LaGuardia Airport, while the government is dealing with staff shortages in two traffic control facilities air. The FAA said it has seen an increase… Continue Reading →

Shortage of TSA agents urges Miami International Airport to close its terminal

MIAMI – The US government's budget impasse, which continues to affect hundreds of thousands of federal employees facing the longest shutdown in its history, prompted the Miami International Airport to close a security checkpoint early Saturday after -midday. President Donald… Continue Reading →

Shortage of TSA? The Miami airport will close its terminal

Ben Mutzabaugh UNITED STATES TODAY & # 39; HUI Posted at 2:21 pm EST on January 11, 2019 From Saturday until Monday, Miami will close Security Security Administration checkpoints in its main lobby at 1pm. local hour. "Due to the… Continue Reading →

The closure of the terminal at the Miami International Airport is anticipated due to a shortage of ASD during the closure of the government

Miami International Airport has announced that it will close one of its terminals for three days as increasing numbers of Transportation Security Administration employees refuse to continue working without pay during the partial government shutdown. A spokesman for the airport… Continue Reading →

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