The explosion of the engine of a Southwest Airlines aircraft reconstructed video

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Southwest Airlines engine blast reconstituted in video


A company specializing in 3D animation has looked into the explosion of the engine of a Southwest Airlines aircraft, occurred in flight on April 17, to reconstruct video.

On April 17, the engine of a Southwest Airlines plane exploded in flight causing the death of one of the 144 passengers. A dramatic event that the American company Eyewitness Animations specializes in the 3D reconstruction of air accidents has studied very closely, to try to deliver a return as faithful as possible. Result, a pretty impressive video, which you can view above.

On the images, we see that the Boeing 737 normally takes off from Laguardia Airport, New York,
to take the direction of Dallas (Texas). The flight takes place first without problem. But twenty minutes after takeoff, when the plane reached 9,000 meters altitude, the left reactor explodes. Unbalanced, the plane veers violently on the left and a piece of engine is thrown against a porthole, which explodes in turn. Seat row 14, Jennifer Riordan is sucked out.

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His seat belt seems to prevent the worst first. But it will take twelve long minutes for the passengers to succeed in bringing her back inside. A delay much too long. The aircraft finally arises in emergency on the Philadelphia airport. Seriously injured, Jennifer Riordan succumbs a few hours later. According to US investigators (NTSB) it is the rupture of one of the fan blades of the reactor that is causing the explosion. And the tragic death of Jennifer Riordan …

Video by Aeronewstv, the first aeronautical web TV